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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


After the dreamy hibernation of the term break, it is time to attend the lectures again. Term-4 looks so different from other terms. Apart from “Investment Analysis”, the courses look very much theoretical. The names of these courses also sound different from the typical ISB courses-

1.Government, Society & Business
2.Strategic Analysis of Information Technology
3.Management of Organizations
4.Investment Analysis (the only numeric course)

Looks like not much number crunching this term. The courses are more aligned towards understanding the sensitivity of various organizations and people. Some of the cases are linked with the concepts of Sociology and Psychology. After the exhausting sessions of Corporate Finance and Operation Management, it is time to understand the softer aspects of management.

Term-4 brings the real placement fever into action. People aspiring to work as investment bankers and in similar roles have plenty of reasons to smile…..and why not…with some of the biggest names lined up as early October to grab those finance whiz kids for their international recruitment.

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