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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Now, let me give an idea of the courses that we had in Term-3.
We had Corporate Finance, Operation Management, Entrepreneurship and Managerial Accounting. We had Prof. Suren Mansinghka for Corporate Finance while Operation Management was handled my Prof. Ram Bala. Prof. Mansinghka is amongst the oldest professors at the moment while Prof. Bala should be the youngest in the line. Entrepreneurship was taught by Prof. Venkat and Prof. Rama Velamuri. Prof. Sridharan and Prof. Nainnar took the Managerial Accounting lectures. Needless to mention that it was a great learning experience, thanks to the perceived practicality of the topics and the skills of the professors.
"Corporate Finance" was amongst the most difficult topics till date and the way Prof. Suren handled it, was great. It is never easy to teach a highly conceptual topic like Finance. The one liners that Prof Suren used during the lectures still possess the freshness to bring back a smile on my face as I quote some of them.
If your one leg is on fire and the other is on ice, by the law of averages you should be pretty comfortable.
You see there is nothing called partial pregnancy. (to explain that Finance is very precise and unambiguous)
Tell your debtors that you are planning to marry a professional girl and see how happy they turn out to be. (while explaining the impact of merger on lenders)
Patience, my friend, patience…patience is the biggest virtue……I am coming to that. (whenever some sharp brain gets ahead of the lectures)
Friends…I will try my best to keep you awake…and you should do your best to keep me awake.( at the beginning of every class)
Each of his lines has a deep practical concept hidden within, as applied to Finance.

"Operation Management" was an equally useful topic and considering my profession I could directly link it with what I was doing during my job. From Quality Management to the Toyota System, from inventory handling to flow theory, this course introduced us to quite a number of concepts. “The Goal”, the novel by Goldratt, was also part of the syllabus.

"Managerial Accounting" was mostly numbers to begin with and the magic it possessed was not appreciated by me until recently.....very practical topic in real life management, especially while preparing annual reports and understanding the complexity behind them.

"Entrepreneurship" was highly inspirational. It was based on a variety of case studies that introduced us to the basic building blocks that goes into the making of an entrepreneur. It introduced us to different kind of entrepreneurs and their approach towards their dreams.This course also acquainted us with the basic jargons and terminologies associated with Entrepreneurship.

Alums had informed that Term-2 and Term-3 were the toughest as far as the academic rigors are considered and I am so glad that these terms belong to the past.

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