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Monday, September 25, 2006


Mckinseys.....BCGs.....AT Kearneys.....the info sessions are in full sway. This is what one of the alums of the class of 2006, who is presently working at AT Kearney had to share. From the words of AW

"Around this time…last year…when I was in your position…I read this somewhere…and wish to share the same with you…

What do you believe in
Every single day of your life
Every morning that you wake up
Before you rub your eyes
Before you sip that coffee
Before you live the day
Before you retire after it
What do you believe in…

The more I get to know your batch the more I am impressed…with the experience…the talent...and the enthusiasm. And for me, the distance between your present and the future that YOU shall carve for yourselves will be determined by “what do you believe in…”. Go figure…and get started right now

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