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Monday, September 04, 2006


As I closed my eyes, I could hear the magic of her violin. I could see that expression in her face as she used to lose herself in getting the best out of the strings. I remember how easily she used to snatch the violin from my hands to play the tune so that I could understand that there is something called rhythm which separates music from noise. She could not speak my language and I could not speak her language….yet I could understand what she wanted me to understand….perhaps that’s the power of music.

Music is such a wonderful concept….so divine….so pure….so platonic. It has the charm to create a desire within you…it has the ability to quench your confusions….it has the ability to carry you in the pursuit of the eternal happiness….. Away from the confused materialistic world….to the corridors of serenity where you can sit down for a while….forget the daily mundane stuff and submit yourself completely to your subtle self.

Someday, I hope I can play the violin as I have always wanted to. Someday, I wish she will be there by my side…not to snatch my violin to let me know the real rhythm…but to listen to what I play…with a smile on her face and with her eyes closed.

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