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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


When we stepped into ISB for the first time it was summer and yet the campus looked amazing and well maintained. But now, with the rains, the campus has worn a new look. Everything in the campus looks beautiful. The adjacent snap pictures the roads in ISB.

The paths which we take to reach our respective lecture theatres from our student villages. The variety of botanical samples surrounding these paths can invite a researcher interested in studying rare species of plants.

This snap pictures the SV-1 (the student village, where I stay) from a distance. The boulders, lush green lawns, the vintage chairs on the lawn and the wooden bridges...all of these remind me of the European countryside.

The adjacent snap presents the ISB academic center from a distance, as viewed from the road, that surrounds the architectural splendour. The garden surrounding the academic center is a real treat to the eyes.

Term-3 was accompanied by the nature's grace which has provided such a look to the campus. For years to come, the beauty of this campus is likely to stay in our memories and remind us of the great moments that we are enjoying now as ISBians.

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