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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Term 3 ended today. So it is reflection time and my next few posts will try to picture some of the important aspects of the term. The term passed rather fast or that is how I felt, especially because I wanted it to proceed with a slower pace. In the absence of topics like Marketing and Markstrat, life was much better. Topics like finance, operations and managerial accounting were extremely practical while the inspirational case studies from Entrepreneurship were always a treat to read. I will try to give a much better image of the courses in my next post.
Three terms have already passed…sometimes it is really difficult to keep track on time. Only when something gets over, you realize that it is over. You complain about the process…you complain about the rigors…you complain about the ruthless academic schedule….but at the end when it is over, when you have a free unoccupied evening, you realize how valuable the effects of the whole process was. Suddenly everything which used to be so dull and colorless appears to have left a colorful and indelible mark in the attitude.
ISB sounds so silent at the moment. Some people have left for their homes and others are out to enjoy the vibrant night life of Hyderabad. You can easily trace an ISBian in any of the popular hangouts of Hyderabad….be it the popular waterfront or Prasad cinemax or TDS. Life cannot be sweeter than this.

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