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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Mumbai is a city with its own culture. To understand this culture, one needs to be a part of this city. A city, which at times can make someone dream to reach the stars, and at other times, make the same person sink in his loneliness.

I haven’t stayed long in Mumbai…just a few months during the beginning of my professional career…the second half of 2002, to be precise. My stay was indeed an experience then. The experience of the first job in life carries with it some very basic lessons. It is one of the biggest transitions of life.

My post MBA career also follows the same path. It is destined to begin in Mumbai. The industry, which I will be joining, is not very different culturally from the industry which I worked before. Shipping, energy/power, oil industries are closely linked with each other and I can see myself moving within these sectors.

Life in Mumbai will be vastly different from what it has been over the last five odd years. It will be tough in a number of ways. But, I do feel happy on my decision to return back to India. Life outside India might be easy, but something was missing…something which I feel should not be compromised with. Not that I dislike going to other countries…I will always love to visit new cultures and new lands…but the base should be in India now.

So friends…my last post from Bhubaneswar…vacation is almost over. I will try to write as frequently as possible from Mumbai…try to post my experience of Post-MBA Mumbai life.
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Anonymous said...

yea..My comments will c u through ur new life (hopefully!if I stay hearty).I have (for some wierd reason) become habituated to reading ur blogs ..(cud be like a vicarious thrill! lol).I am no B-school aspirant, nor am I remotely connected with ur industries..but anyways..if the blogs are non-technical in nature ..My comments will pour, gush, storm..

rachana said...

Hey sabyasachi,

Welcome to mumbai !!!

The rains have already started showering with thunders to welcome you...

Enjoy mumbai & keep blogging !!!Ur readers will surely keep commenting !!!


KM...Thanks for the sweet comment...i too am habituated to ur hows life these days...

Dr. Rachana...great...the first shower of the season must have turned out to be a respite for the Mumbaites....

Anonymous said...

nice..I feel like a high profile critique's torrid with 'what next'? (careerwise in my case)..will see stability soon ..anyways .best of luck

AD said...

Hey Sabya,
All the best once again for your post MBA career.

One of the key factors which governs people's life in a place like Mumbai is the distance (or traveling time) b/w one's place of stay and office.

In case one stays and works in the same area (South Mombai or even a suburb) life would be good. Otherwise, life could be a very demanding. Hope you fall in the former category.

Looking forward to more posts on this space.



AD...i finally managed to settle down in a place where travelling is tough...but not very tough....