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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Five more days remain for my vacation to end…a long vacation...two-months is indeed a long time. The summer heat wave forced me to spend most of time indoors, though occasionally I did visit some places.

The break was remarkable in the sense that I got a chance to meet many relatives and some very old friends.

Read the blogs of Class08. This is perhaps the best way to relive the ISB experience.

Unearthed my complete collection of ISB snaps and arranged them in a systematic manner. The collection looks pretty impressive now.

Played videogames like never before.

Read all the spam mails of all the e-groups, I am part of. Reading spams is quite interesting if you have the time.

Managed to reduce the ISB baggage by three kilos. Still need to get down by three more to reach the standards.

Attended seven weddings…Through the experience…got convinced that people love to make simple things complex.

Slept during the nights and also during the days…will really find it difficult to attend office in the morning.


Anonymous said...

anon2- which place will you be gracing next? Do continue to blog with vengeance.


Well...Mumbai is my next destination... long do i address u as "Anon-2". Do let me know ur name or atleast the initials.

Anonymous said...

kewl..ok.I am KM .But no harm in addressing me as KM .righto..?-cheers