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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Inadvertently, the cursor key of my laptop got clicked on the “latest” icon of my gmail account... 2005….it was…when I had migrated to the user friendly gmail. I saw some mails which were more than five years old. Interesting fragments from my past….each one of them easily fitting into their respective chapters of my past.
One chapter of life ends so quickly and unnoticeably that you never know you are in the next chapter without realizing that you will never experience the bygone chapter. And every chapter, in itself is happening enough to preclude any deliberate efforts to read some pages from the lost chapters.

How systematically these chapters seem to have arranged themselves….one experience after another…a subtler look allows one to appreciate the fact of how bits and pieces merge together to create the perfect smoothness that is visible only in hindsight. This smoothness has evolved out of the effects of a series of few connecting and almost coincidental events, which are instrumental in defining the linkage between the chapters and in guiding the chapters towards exchanging borderlines.

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