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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


In this city….you can feel it….difficult to define it precisely…but you can definitely feel it. It’s probably a mix of ambition and greed…greed being the dominant ingredient. The city provides ample opportunities to further nurture this mix…
Today I met X. X owns an apartment in this locality. He had bought the apartment 4 years back. He was ambitious and prudent and knows that investing in real estate is definitely a good bet, and more so in this city. Today X is facing a big dilemma in life….His property is worth five times it’s original value. X wants to sell it and realize the net profits and make a killing out of it….But, at the same time he wants to retain the property….he feels he will be a loser if he sells it as property prices can rise further.

Nobody can accurately predict the course the real estate market is likely to chart from here…..and this further creates problem in X’s decision making process. He cannot sell his property peacefully….nor can he retain it with content….Ambition is there…but it tends more towards greed. Greed rules this city…through every person who has the potential to be greedy.

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