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Monday, February 01, 2010


When I was doing my engineering….

1. No one used mobile phones…actually no one possessed one.
2. Laptops were nonexistent….only the luckiest and richest of the students had computers in their rooms…an anachronous machine in the present day context.
3. There was a high demand for a “certain” category of books….such books are outdated stuff today.
4. Google was just introduced as a search engine….today it’s the most frequently used word.
5. My engineering college did not have a website. I think it was during my third year that the website was created through student volunteers.
6. Library was overpopulated…these days I really doubt.
7. There were no “orkut” friends or “facebook” friends.
8. Examinations were limited to pen and paper.
9. We used to visit the campus bank and queue up there to withdraw cash. ATMs/debit cards/credit cards were quite forwardlooking concepts.
10. People used to write handwritten, well ornamented love letters.

I am just trying to gauge the pace of the change. Ten years back certain things were unimaginable. Today, we cannot live without them. But more importantly, all these changes have brought about a paradigm change in the way people think, behave and act.

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