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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


How many times an individual faces the situation of conflict of interest for being a part of various social entities? An individual is himself an entity with his individual interests. He belongs to a family, which is again an entity. He works for an organization, which is another entity. He belongs to a nation, yet another entity. Now, he also belongs to the much larger entity i.e. the global definition of humanity.

An individual’s place within an entity entrusts him with certain obligations. But he belongs to different entities at the same time. More often than not, different obligations from different entities are not in sync with each other. Every individual continually survives balancing the obligations of his roles he plays by being a part of different entities he belongs to.

For instance, the obligations of his workplace at times intrude into his family obligations. In another situation, his obligations towards humanity might affect the obligations he owes to himself. Extrapolating this to other entities, it’s such a delicate balance of conflict of interests an individual is almost always subjected to.

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