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Sunday, October 18, 2009


After almost six and a half years of professional career, after being exposed to varied kind of roles, I feel tempted to explore the evolution that has been continually changing me through this journey. Having spent almost four years in shipbuilding before MBA followed by two and a half years in corporate strategy and business development post MBA, it is worth introspecting and dissecting the experience of professional work beyond the daily rigmaroles.

The fabric of formal education, which I was exposed to, has defined my approach to understand any situation, event or issue by asking questions to myself, reasonable answers to which shall help me to capture my experiences and learning.
Through the next few posts, I shall try to delve into the following topics.
1. How is a corporate role different from a non-corporate one?
2. How has my professional work experience helped me to understand the corporate set-up?
3. How relevant is formal education in the professional set-up?
4. What are the most relevant learnings from each of my previous roles?

(Note: The answers to the above will be highly influenced/skewed by the fact that I have worked /been working in the old economy sectors like shipbuilding, power transmission/distribution and oceanic oil exploration and production)

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