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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Before I try to answer the first question let me put down three snaps - each one of which pictures the industries I have worked in.

My first job (Pre-MBA): This snap is from a leading Korean Shipyard where I had spent some time supervising the construction of ocean going vessels. It was a typical field job where I had to be physically present at the construction site. (Source: dsme photos)

2nd Job (1st post-MBA role): The snap summarises the power T&D sector where I spent some time working on corporate strategy and planning for a power T&D company. Head-office role with occassional visit to local offices and sites. (Source:

3rd Job: This is the current industry I am working in...for an offshore (oceanic) oil exploration and production service provider specialing in offshore rigs and vessels. This is a business development role where I spend reasonable time meeting clients. (Source

Now it will be much easier to try my bit on answering the first question. Will be back through the next post.

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