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Monday, August 27, 2007


In spite of the showers and in spite of the slightly more than usual temperature running within my veins, I could not resist the temptation to visit my new love. I love visiting her whenever I get a chance. She looks so cute and fresh…. with the typical fragrance…I have always loved the smell of fresh paint… that adorn her walls…

She is surrounded by the lush green hills all around…though the visibility is fast getting dimmed due to the rising skyscrapers, whose numbers seem to multiply every passing day. In the rainy season, the view of the waterfalls, streaming down these hills looks so enchanting. The landscape that is reserved for one of the biggest parks of Asia (Central Park) is also visible from the balcony. The sea is close…. but not that close….

Roads are huge and wide in this area…. six lane superhighways…where it is possible to drive at a speed which will easily remind me of some of the fastest moments of my life…. Roads are one thing I have always looked with a reasonably high level of seriousness before I decide on a location.

I hope my new love will treat me well enough….


Anonymous said...

hey..dont u think the metaphor is slightly cliched? anyways..since u've used it..congratulations..and may the void of ur loveless existence get filled to the brim..-k.m

rachana said...

wow, what an inciting title...

Though I am not sure whom the your new love personifies...but reading the post was really a pleasure.

Seems like it could be the next start of Karan Johar's movie...!!!

U may also at this lateral shift..
From blogger to author to movie writer..
Thats called perfect diversity!!