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Saturday, October 07, 2006


The campus which was unusually busy until yesterday is very silent now….The long term break (9 days instead of the traditional 5) has tempted many students (including me) to take a long vacation. The more studious ones and the people who are tempted to participate in business school competitions are busy with their business plans and case study preparations.

As for the Term- 4 reflections, let me share a personal mission which I set during this term. ISB is one of those Indian B-Schools that stresses heavily on developing softer aspects of management. Leadership development programs and numerous workshops are quite regular within the campus. Consultants from organizations like Mckinsey are kind enough to spare some of their time to counsel the batch.

I don’t know the best way to learn soft skills…most probably it is likely to vary from person to person. One way, which I feel can be useful is “learning by observing”. One can learn from the professors who teach at ISB, the professionals who counsel during the leadership development sessions and even most of the students. A resolution which I made during this term is to pick up a single impressing trait from each of these people and try to develop and master with time. If someone stays within the ISB campus for one long year and still don’t manage to better his soft skills, I must say that he/she has missed one of the most important aspects of learning that this place offers.


Suresh S said...

pretty ture SABYA, I agree with u. I guess ISB is a resource hub where 1 must look for harnessing as much skills as posssible.

HMTG said...

Very interesting observation, but my take on that one is that one just doesn't have to make a conscious effort, whether we like it or not we are bound to be influenced by ppl around us, and the human nature only selects the best of ppl around itself.


Suresh...No doubt that ISB is an awesome repository.

HMTG (Kumar)...I do agree with you..It would have been so nice if I had been that way...but I have the bad habit of picking up more of negative traits and less of positive traits, if it happens sub consciously...BTW are u in the campus or on a trip back home.Enjoy the rest of the vacation.