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Friday, November 04, 2011


There were times in the past when I had neglected my blog. But never before had I reached a situation wherein I have to search the links for a while to post a mail. With just one post this year, I realise that the most important reason in plain, simple laziness.

After a long time, I was reading my blog, especially the early posts penned down in 2006. Was wondering if it was I who wrote the posts. Age is a tricky stuff. An individual can always be defined as a function of his age. I remember in mathematics we define functions as f(x) where f(x) is a function of x and is dependent on x for its nature.

Similarly Sabya(x) is a variable function where x is the possible age. May be its not that easy to define Sabya as a function of x. It can be a function of many other things. But as in mathematics, simplicity is used to ellucidate facts.

Sabya(31) is so different now (while writing this post currently)....from Sabya (26)(when the blog commenced). I am myself surprised.

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Prestidigitator said...

Saw your blog after a long time and came across this post. Just an hour back I had the same feeling with respect to one of my own blogposts. In fact, I didnt even remember writing some posts as recent as a year ago!! Guess I am losing my memory with age too :)