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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Mumbai has this unique ability to provide you views which if captured can win the best of competitions. In one of those busy lower parel streets, a bullock cart halted the flow of the traffic during the peak hours…

Treated myself with a hearty laugh with what followed.

Imagine….a bullock cart leading the way…a Mercedes following it….a Honda trying to overtake the Mercedes….a BEST bus trying to take a slanted route to overtake all the three but landing up in a situation where movement is not possible. In the single lane streets of Lower Parel, the heroics of the bus driver managed to block the flow of the opposite traffic. Complete commotion everywhere…and the traffic cops jumping around like mad men...and the show is taking place with the Mumbai rains in the background.

And the bullock cart moved ahead…as if nothing has happened.

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