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Friday, May 07, 2010


The day before yesterday I hated the new apartment in the heart of Mumbai where we have recently moved into. Yesterday, I loved the same apartment.

Periodic or instantaneous liking or disliking for someone or something is a complicated function of lot of variables. Imagine the flow of a fluid through a conduit….old time physics…any momentary feeling we have about someone or something is like the instantaneous flow of the fluid through a cross-section of this conduit. It can be associated with the properties of the flow at that particular instant. For instance it depends on instantaneous temperature, slope, steepness, boundary conditions of the conduit, pressure, viscosity and many more...

Our complete connection with the same person or the same thing is like the full volume of the fluid in the conduit. It’s beyond instantaneous moments….beyond the cross sections of the conduit….it’s the wholeness of the concept that never stops amazing me.

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