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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Almost half a year into my new job…2007 is left with only two more months…. and once again time making me realize its pace….

Life is moving on with all its flavors…and as usual, it’s the books which makes me see deeper into such varied flavors…. these days are reminiscent of days when the most popular places to witness your midnight dreams used to be the crowded airports….

Read some books…. tried to understand a different breed of books including those by M.V.Kamath (on his stories about press, journalism and celebrities). Read some very old classics which, I couldn’t appreciate much…. and finally a simple book by a little known author about physics and life…loved it and will write about it in my next post.


Anshuman said...

gosh u r like the most voracious reader i have ever seen in my life. Your last post should have been about 10 best books uve read and not movies...dat wud hav helped wannabe readers like me :)

Just another guy said...

Good idea...will try doing that someday