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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Since the last few days, I have been researching on the Mumbai real estate market…was amazed at what had happened in the past…. and even more amazed at what the predictions are…. people in Mumbai can make millions if they are smart and are aware of the market, provided they have that “risk-taking ability”…. lets say the real estate business…. people, who have hardly gone beyond their graduation or even lower than that (and that too because they just had to) are literally carving out fortunes here…. earning higher than the highest packages offered in the leading B Schools….

Now someone like me… studies hard for IIT JEE…gets through…works for a few years…. manages to get a place in ISB…. manages an around-average package…comes to office every morning and leaves every evening…. in formals…with so-called suave business attire and attitude…. trying hard to understand the business….

…Now I meet this person…. who was often rebuked at his tender age by his parents for not studying hard…. came to Mumbai…joined a real estate consultant (not the typical MBA consultant)…. learned fast…used every opportunity that the market offered…and the market of Mumbai offers rewards to those who can use the opportunities… from a real estate consultant he starts his career as a real estate builder…and today he is a relatively well-known builder in this part of Mumbai…. and this guy is hardly a few years older to me….

At times, it is a nice feeling to realise the ground realities of the only understands those, who understand market....and those who pay respect to the market.


Kiran said...

i feel there is opportunity at every level of the market....even late entrants have a chance if they know when to enter and exit....
so what if a guy who din do his mba and still understands and makes a gain in the market...ones who have done their mba will definitely have an edge over him in the long term in some way or the other else mba would not have takers whose number is increasing by leaps and bounds!!
without thinking about what could have been and taking the current set of factors as given, an mba has the ability to generate the same or more returns which a person who has 'been there done that' can!
but yes agree that eye of recognition is a must if one wants to play in the MARKET!!


Kiran...very precise

I too hope things move as you have envisaged....

rachana said...

This is a fact we all know & probably even experience it on our life. I agree completly that its more about the " risk-taking" capability & the knack to catch the opportunity that makes someone an entrant to a millionaire or a billionaire list.

As well said, being well educated doesnt guarantee one to be financially literate. Financial literacy is more important to understand the market & probably thats where B-schools play a role in laying a strong foundation....!!!

So lets try to be equally good in our financial literacy levels.


Rachana....u will write great bschool essays (especially the "Why MBA" one)